I'm Brian Scanlon.

Financial Advisor

And I believe that everyone deserves to make confident decisions with their wealth.

My Story

My Interest in personal finance started at a young age.

When I was growing up my family always had enough resources to cover life’s necessities but there was never much left over. As result, from a very young age I starting asking myself if there was a way to make a dollar go further; a better way of managing one’s finances to provide better for themselves and their family. 

Little did I know that this curiosity would be the foundation of my career.

After college I spent a number of years working in the golf business and charter fishing. It was a grand life for a single young man. 

Summers in the Hamptons working at some of the top rated golf courses in the world. 

Winters in South Florida enjoying the great golf down there. Day after day chasing the most sought after fish in the Atlantic. 

But, as I reached my mid 20s and was getting more serious with Candace, my girlfriend at the time and now wife, I realized that the life of a nomad was not the life of a family man. It was time to, gulp, settle down. 

While I pondered what direction I wanted to take I kept coming back to that curious little boy wondering if there was a better way to manage one’s wealth. That’s when I realized that becoming a financial advisor would allow me to make a career out of helping others make informed decisions about their wealth that may lead to a better financial situation for their family.

Why I went independent.

The next 10 years of my career were spent honing my craft at two of the largest wealth management firms in the world. 

Things were going great and I loved my career. I helped people retire, sell businesses, put their kids through college, implemented their estate plans and make many other important financial decisions. 

I really could support my family by helping others make informed decisions about their wealth! 

Unfortunately, while I was focused on my clients something else crept into the industry: cross-selling. 

The big firms were now pressuring their financial advisors to sell their clients products from the firm’s other lines of businesses. We had always had access to the firm’s other resources if they were appropriate for our client but were never pressured to sell them to our clients. Once that changed I realized that it was time for me to move away from the big firms and join an independent firm – one that would never prioritize anything other than sounds, personalized financial advice. 

Eleven Atlantic – True Wealth was the perfect spot for my clients and me.

Why I do what I do

Major financial choices are often very stressful to make. 

I believe that everyone should be able to live their life being confident that they are making smart decisions with their wealth. 

I enjoy being part of high level conversations about all of the different aspects of someone’s life that we need to understand and account for to take action. 

I also believe that having a structured process to guide people helps them take a complicated decision and simplify it a little. 

Sometimes a little control can give people confidence when making that decision. 

Every person’s path to true wealth is a bit different but the common denominator is that when they hit a crossroads along the way they want to go down the best path for themselves and their family. Shepherding families through those decision is my passion.